Find the Pickle: Forfeits Edition - Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Find the Pickle: Forfeits Edition - Coming Soon to Kickstarter

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- Plays: 3-6 Players
- Takes: 20-30 Minutes
- For ages: 12+

Forfeits is the latest edition in the Find the Pickle range and adds 52 hilarious forfeits to your game. Forfeits is designed to be played alongside other editions however can be played on its own for a no holds barred forfeit extravaganza.

Find the Pickle is a card game of social deduction and bluffing in which you must steal and bluff your way to finding and keeping the pickle. The game consists of 52 cards, plays 3-6 players, and lasts 10-20 minutes.

Find The Pickle is not designed to be a serious game, in fact it’s mostly the opposite. Most of the cards are ridiculous in some way, with the only exception being the pickle, and lets face it – pickles are pretty ridiculous when you stop and think about them…

Download the Print and Play version of Find the Pickle: Standard Edition RIGHT NOW! Go on, it’s completely FREE and if you don’t like it, then no harm, no foul.


  1. Deal three cards to each player, and decide who’s going first.

  2. Play begins in a clockwise direction and continues in turns from player to player with each drawing one card at the start of their turn.

  3. Each player can play up to two cards per turn but does not have to, and there is no limit to hand size.

  4. The winner of the game is the player still holding the pickle when there are no cards left to draw or play.

Watch Tabletop Anachy giving Find the Pickle a go.